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Blessings of the night, and welcome to my new blog of “Opening the Doorway of Creativity”!  My name is Shamanic Winds and I will be writing here of what inspires me to be more creative in many different forms from day-to-day.  It usually doesn’t take much for me to get a creative streak going — but most of the time, I have noticed that I must first be inspired or intrigued by something in order for the juices to get flowing!!!

When I was younger, I loved reading books — whether it was just browsing through a Dictionary to looking at pictures in a National Geographic Magazine to reading Teenage Romances or getting ideas from a Betty Crocker Cookbook — and I was most inspired, I had noticed, by the little quotes that were on the side bars of the page in Italic words.  I remember thinking one day that maybe I could be one of those whose quotes were used for somebody’s book, or even if I submitted them to Greeting Cards to earn extra cash, lol! Funny how as a child, we have the craziest of dreams at times.

Well, to this day, I still get excited about the different quotes that are out there.  Or even just simple words, a phrase that someone wrote, or an entire paragraph that triggered something inside me to dig and seek for a deeper meaning of what kind of a sign that it was and what it was personally trying to tell me at that particular moment in time when reading it.

I was browsing the web kind of absent-minded the other night — searching for something to jump out at me so that I could continue with writing on my other Blogger.  I am into Herbalism and working with some other wonderful like-minded people on an Herbal Ally Challenge.  I had been re-collecting in my mind what kind of Journal I wanted to use and make for my new exploration of the herb Goldenrod that I had chosen for this year.  I had looked at what others had already done on their Journal and how they made them, and decided that I must start mine soon — because with all the researching and studying I’ve been doing on Herbs just in general, I’ve learned from past experiences about keeping your findings in a Journal, so that if you come across something later on in the experiences, you want to be able to log it or look back into your notes to add to what you’ve found.  I’m good at keeping things in my mind at times, but the memory only recollects so much information — and it’s always the time you remembered you found something somewhere, when it hadn’t been written down, and your memory does that jog around it, meaning of course that you cannot remember at that moment where you collected that information from!

So here I was finding really pretty and cool sites concerning Artwork, Spirituality, Creativity, Paintings…and then I came across a site that I hadn’t seen before.  It’s called Jamie Ridler Studios, and just a few words on the main page of her site had called out for me to write it down as a simple guideline to work my own writings off of.  I didn’t really look around her site, I didn’t want to ruin the streak I had going, so I took note of what it was that intrigued me on a memo paper — and wow, look at that, I didn’t lose the small paper I’d written it down on this time.  (I am big on having a cluttered desk"My Messy & Cluttered Desk" unfortunately, and write a LOT of things down on memo squares of paper, which as some of you may know if you do it yourself, you end up misplacing it or it gets lost amongst the mist of any messes around you)!

Anyways, I’m going to start “Opening the Doorway of Creativity” off what Jamie had on her site.  In the meantime between this and my next blog entry here, think about these things she has on her site concerning Discover Your Creative Self ~ Creative Living:


1)Find Inspiration

2)Discover Yourself

3)Develop a Practice


5)Share Your Gifts


I believe this is a wonderful yet simple start in beginning in finding your true and unique ‘Self’ through many different kinds of Creative Acts.  Check out her site, as well, and find something that triggers your Creativity — I will be doing the same, and adding thoughts of my own to the above, and maybe (just maybe!) it’ll help you as well as myself in acting in accord and getting those creative juices in our lives flowing!




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2 responses to “Opening the Doorway of Creativity!

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  1. Oh… this is great theme to write about, I am very interesting in this issue, I will follow you. Good luck!

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