Opening Up the Gateways with the Element of WATER   Leave a comment

Water is a nice Element to work with, especially during this time of the season (for those where anyone is getting a meltdown of snow and/or ice, or just a seasonal rain and thunder storm), where the ice from the snow is melting, the rivers are flowing once again, having more rain storms…and a perfect opportunity in working with ‘Banishings’ — for this season of Spring is, for me at least, ‘Bringing In the New’, ‘Rebirth’ — which we want to ‘open up those gateways and clear any unwanted ‘blockagesfrom our lives so that we can enjoy the Rebirth of both the season itself, and our ‘Selves‘!!!

I found when I worked with my new Banishing’ water that I didn’t even have to refer to any books or articles or such on Banishings. I made up a Blessing of my own that would go with what intentions that I wanted to make a pledge to for using the Banishing Water, and just made up a spontaneous small blessing over the water with my hands over the jar, closed my eyes, and let the Spirit of Water flow through my mind. After I had finished, I let it ‘Charge‘ in the Sunshine when it came out, so I guess I must’ve blessed it after the storm when the first of the Sun came back. I left it in the window of our kitchen, and put it back in its sacred place where I’d kept it before the sunset.

When I had used it for any workings, the Banishing Water, it doesn’t really matter what time of the day or on what day and so forth (unless you follow some of the Astrological signs, etc. for doing banishings on certain days at certain times), I choose doing it this way, because when it’s needed, you want to do it then and there — and don’t want to wait around until say ten days after when the intentions for using it may not be there anymore. That is where my ‘Eclectic-ness‘ in the Craft comes in, I do things spontaneously and Naturally, and don’t follow specific times and such unless it calls me to do so.

Have fun with Thunder water, and get CrEaTiVe; there are no right or wrong ways of performing simple prayers, rituals, spells, etc. — for when you make something up yourself, it becomes your ‘own’ workings!!!



Posted April 2, 2011 by Shami in Uncategorized

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