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“Finding Morning Sunshine”

I don’t know what it was about the morning of Monday, 13 August 2012, it may have been the Winds of Change blowing through the early morning breeze that intrigued me in becoming more creative through my writing again — it could have easily been that special night on this date 7 years ago when my husband proposed and asked me to marry him, who knows exactly — but I became filled with a whole different perception on my daily life as I went through my emails reading through the different ‘Creative’ sites that many lovely women from all over have written about and shared their true life experiences with many.

I’ve been on the quiet side recently here, sometimes life does that to one as they recognize and sense they need to look into their hearts and find their Spiritual Path with more ‘Clarity’ in mind — so I’ve been leafing through photos that inspire me, leading to wonderful bloggers and articles on many creative self-help type of works, and landed myself in a leaf pile of great new stuff to look forward to as I pursue my writings once again!

I used to dream when I was younger of writing and publishing a book someday for teenage girls. I would sit and read for hours, the entire book sometimes after finally finishing my homework and I could relax and concentrate more fully on becoming the character in a book and letting my imagination fly as I envisioned I was someone else in another girl’s body falling in love, dealing with school cliques that weren’t so nice, going through adolescent times in Middle and then High School as every school girl dreams of dancing with the one who she liked but never got a second glance from that boy.

Other times, I would sit comfortably with pen and paper at hand, trying my Creative Writing at will on my own — strapping out chapters of a fictional character’s life and filling the lined notebook papers with my stories. I was never a good poet, but wrote poems. I loved writing letters to girlfriends, and at one time stopped sending them and just kept them to read for inspirational quotes I liked to include in my written stories. I loved how Jouralists were blunt and went straight to the point in concrete writing, but mine was too abstract, and writing was like a blizzard on paper.

In college, I had forgotten how to write a simple Essay, five-paragraph paper…but I loved my one teacher, he was quiet and took us outside nearly every morning in Nature on the grounds of the University I had attended — and gave us five minutes to doing a ‘Free-Write’ every morning before coming back inside the stuffy classroom to start the lecture and learning of our general English class.

I found that I LOVED the Free-Writing approach. It was a way of getting our true emotions and feelings down on paper from our minds and hearts to paper, and then crumbled them up, throwing them in the garbage afterwards, in releasing of what I figured was like a Ritual of Letting Go and Getting Rid of the Daily Obstacles that entangled us on the path, freeing the way by knocking down what they call Writer’s Block — in other words, making way for something new by releasing what was blocking our visions and dreams in the first place at that very moment in our lives.

Finding Morning Sunshine

“If I could grow Wings, I would do anything…”

Though as much as I knew that getting rid of our writing was a part of the activity in letting go of some of the things that may have been bothering to write, I most of the time ‘pretended’ when we got up from our seats to toss our paper we’d written, and had stuffed it back in my pocket to re-read later. I rarely threw ANY of my writings away, knowing that yes, I did need to release some of my angers I may have written that day on that piece of paper, but I am one who also learns from the past, mistakes and all, and doesn’t always carry it with me to the future — but used them as ‘Tools’ for future writings and thought-provoking ideas on how to change my life around when those emotions triggered back at me in time.

So now here I am again, wanting to read and write in a more ‘creative’ fashion, in connection with my Spiritual Life and Path I live each and every day. I’ve become passionate about reading others’ stories and successes — and want to learn more in how I can pursue once again, the writings of someone with a new interest in the Blog world. And be able to share my stories and daily joys and turmoils in getting to know my ‘Self’ once again.

I’ll never forget those serious words of my Senior Year in High School English teacher, who talked with me personally at the end of our last class after the final bell rang for my Poetry class I was taking with her:

“It’s not what the world
has in store for you.

“It’s what you have in store
for the world to see.” (Dottie Segowski)

Blessings and Welcome to my “FINDING MORNING SUNSHINE” Pages…..

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

…more to come…

*(Photo taken by )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds, Monday, 13 August 2012)*
— at Finding Morning Sunshine.


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