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Some SHADOWS, to me, are that of the looking into the unknown, like the Abyss — not knowing what is there because it is so dark and gloomy that you can’t see past the lurking waters.  At times when I read others’ blogs and articles on the internet, I often wonder how these people really are, what they’re like in person, knowing that many (like myself included!) tend to write what they think and feel and know, but are quiet in a way that if you were with one-on-one with them, they’d be different and wouldn’t go about explaining something like how they ‘blogged’ it. 

Sometimes when reading from other bloggers, I see that Shadow — and know that when I can see past it and not analyze it, it reaches out to me and challenges me with questions or inspirations that lead me in writing about myself or my own experiences with something, unleashing that Shadow little-by-little and getting past the unknown and sharing what I’ve been able to ‘see’ through it.

Tonight I was reading a post over at WORTS + CUNNING APOTHECARY.  I have read there before, and felt sometimes I don’t really understand what was written, but tonight, I was able to understand a bit more about myself, within the post “Let’s Begin At the Beginning:  10 Seeds to Start Your Herbal Studies” — and ended up writing a response to the Seeds they wrote about! 

Ahhhh, the Shadow comes out of hiding, and shares, LOL!

   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

(((My MULLEIN Plant this year, one that has MILLIONS of Seeds in sharing its Mysteries with!!!)))


W+C:  1. Sit with trees.

I love being around the many Trees in our neck of the woods, my Oak being that of the strongest I’ve connected with so far.  It gives me my strength and courage to stand with two feet on the ground, and has inspired me with the Gods’ Fertility (its Acorns) amongst the other greens on the Land

2. Grow something.

I finally bought some Echinacea seeds this past late Spring/early Summer, planted them in the ground in a Sacred Spot — and blessed them and have nourished them throughout the time since.  I’m in hopes of seeing them grow, if they will, next year!  

3. Talk to plant folk, herbalists, and the guy down the street who knows how to prepare nopalitos.

Every now and then, I run into our local Herbalist down the road from us, Jim Mcdonald, and have gotten a few tips being a beginning Herbalist learning on my own; I also stop in our local health store here and there picking up a few supplies and speak with the owner of the store when she’s there, sharing a few things I’ve made with her of my own!

4. Read good books.

Still working on gathering a collection of good books, but there is also soooo much on the web as well by Herbalists, if I can’t get a book, I read from their sites and forums!

5. Start with one herb.

I started with Goldenrod last year, and ended up being scattered like endless seeds learning about all sorts of different plants!  But I work with Her mostly during the Fall season, and this year, trying to scrape up a new Ally with Queen Anne’s Lace

6. Invite your green allies in to your home.

Let’s see…I’ve made a few fresh Hot Teas, Infused Oils, Tinctures, and Mmmmm, Elixirs being my favorite;)  So much more to learn, want to do Infusions more, so gotta find a bulk supplier of Nettles, Oats, Red Clover, oh what’s the other one ??? to work with this Winter.

7. Make your own drugs.

Oh!  So far the best ‘drug’ I’ve concocted is my Motherwort Tincture — she helps relieve my menstrual pains to a “T”!!!

8. Laugh a lot.

HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!  I kill myself when I have spills from working too fast and coming home with sticky fingers from Evergreen resins that I’m still trying to find something to make to remove it; I love the smell of the orange stuff that mechanics use, and I KNOW it has Pumice in it!!!

9. Trust yourself.

Trusting in mySelf has always been something I know I can do.  It gives me the opportunity to open up and find myself, and know thyself — and aides in trusting others, which is very hard doing these days, so why not start in trusting with one’s own intuition?

10. Expect the mysterious and indulge in it.

The Mysteries we find in Plants teach us so much, and then some more, in what we are here on this Earth to learn about.  We may never become Masters or Experts with them, because like us, they change over the course of the years — and each has something new everyday to teach us that we haven’t learned about them before.

*Special Thanks from Indigenous Shamanic Winds to WORTS+CUNNING APOTHECARY in revealing some of my written hidden SHADOWS!*

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4 responses to “Ten ‘Seed’ Shadows

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  1. How lovely! What an unexpectedly wonderful way of continuing the conversation from our original post. Be well!

    • Ohhh, thank you for stopping by:) I was kind of tired when I had written this, I was originally on your post over at FB when I started to comment, and I brought it over here so I could just let the words flow! I’ve been working on so many different things as of recently, and trying to get back into my writing — if you don’t know, I find inspirational things, like I had on your blog the other day, and just fly off that and start writing from the heart.

      I’ve always read your stuff and find it all so very interesting, so really appreciate all you do and share! Blessings xo.

  2. Wonderful post ~ glad ‘shadow’ is emerging ~ wonderful part of self that often gets misunderstood ~ (A Creative Harbor) on Blogger ^_^

    • Thank you kindly, artmusedog! Yes, I agree that the ‘Shadow’ part of Self often gets misunderstood. I believe it’s the way that a person looks at it as more or less, it’s being that of something that guides us along our pathway of life.

      This happens to be one of the less stressful Shadows, one in helping me open up my creativity — opening up a part of me that I have buried for many years that I had dug a hole myself for and had known it.

      The more deeper Shadows I’ve encountered are more the kind that like to ‘feed’ off one if setting out a plate of food and letting Them eating my plate clean. The Ones whom with are mischevious and dark, challenging our very Souls if we let Them, coursing through the very blood of veins until we meet Them face-to-face. They’re the kind that want nothing but to rip your Spirit apart and convert you of being worthy to Them and not to one’s Self. The Ones whom don’t have a name and love it when you give in to anger and depression and mean actions. They are the dangerous ones — but I have to say, They are tough Ones to control. Only through Love and courage and strength can we stand up to these unwanted Beings and not let them eat us away like a dead corpse.

      Blessings for stopping by here xo.

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