Day 6 ~ FINDING MORNING SUNSHINE: “Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong”   Leave a comment

Don’t be afraid of lifting a loved one’s Spirits up today — for you don’t know if tomorrow will ever come and you’ll be able to say those words you’ve wanted to if you never see the person again. 

I can’t say it was easy not being able to be there for my Mom when she was dying.  I had been in my own little world of finding my Self, yet at the same time, was going through bad addictions that certainly were not like me to do — I could not take back what I had done during this dreadful time when my Mom had been going through Chemo and didn’t know when she would be taking her last breath in life, but through her death, I learned the hard way from my mistakes and wrong-doings that I don’t regret what I had done, but I know and understand now that I should have changed and done things differently. 

And since I cannot change what happened in the past, I learned through the Love my Mom had always shown and given to me unconditionally, and instead of beating myself up over it, I learned from my mistakes and used them as stepping stones in creating a new Path for me in moving forward on!

So don’t be afraid to lift someone up with love where they belong — while they are still ALIVE and walking on this very Earth TODAY!  A dear friend of mine received something from her sweet daughter today that I think is well worth sharing for those who come and read here.


(Photo found at the site on the link below this posting)

My Beautiful Mother
My beautiful Mother sweet as a flower
Never asks for anything
Always giving her children love
Always smiling and bringing happiness into our lives
Never too busy to give advice
Always there by my side
Always helping & Never neglecting
Understanding as a counselor and caring as a teacher
She never gives up and Always does her best
Always shining
Never quitting
And she is as beautiful as a rose
I love my Momma you are always in my heart, Your baby girl, Zoe ♥ XOXO ♥

And I’d like to dedicate this post to my Mom whom is up in Heaven watching over me and guiding me in Spirit today and always while I am still alive…“My Mom had always put others before herself and was just so giving, and never asking anything in return.  And I have to say she was like my best friend at times, her love was always unconditional towards me, and although I may have let her down near her dying years, I turned myself around and am still working on being someone she can be proud of –and proud for myself in realizing that I had hurt her and others, mostly myself in making wrong choices, but excited that I had turned myself around for my well-being first and am now the woman I’ve become. Just me xo.”

   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

*I write this for my dear Friend and Wolf Sister, Carol Ann, and her beautiful daughter, Zoe.  LOVE LIFTS US UP WHERE WE BELONG!  And this is for the both of you.  Cosmic Earth Horse by Noah.*


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