Day 9 ~ FINDING MORNING SUNSHINE: mOoN gAzInG   2 comments

A few nights ago while I was waiting for my husband to get home from work, I had fired up the BBQ and started grilling our dinner when I had texted him something to the extent of he couldn’t see what was hiding in the aluminum foil on the grill.  I sent along the photo of the dinner I was making and told him it was a secret what food was hidden within the foil.

I had always loved secrets — and thinking about the new ‘Touch the Moon’ course I would be starting this coming up Monday over at the Creativity Tribe with Rachél Payne, I started getting excited once again about starting something new and creative in getting my juices flowing once again with the Magick of the MOON.

Like the silver of the aluminum foil, the Moon to me had always had connections with the colour Silver.  Since a child, every night, I had always went out in the dark and spotted the Moon — when it was ‘visible’ — up in the ebony night sky.  At that point in my life, I didn’t know that it had Waxing’ and ‘Waning’ phases.  I did not know why some nights when the sky was studded with Stars why I couldn’t see the Moon.  I just knew that it was a Planet, like a bright Star in the sky, that circled around the Earth in the Galaxy.

I later started studying Witchcraft and Paganism, which led me in learning some of the ‘basics’ of the Moon.  I read a little in the Farmer’s Almanac in connection with the new subject, and learned many thought of the Moon as ‘She’, the Goddess, LunaLa Luna, I remember in French class too:  The Moon.  La was understood for being a ‘female’ aspect.  And She had four phases in the sky:

She Waxed — which meant she increased in seeing more of Her, and you could see Her more as She came to Her Full Moon, Her whole self up in the sky.  Big and Round and Bright.  Then She Waned next, decreasing, seeing little and little of Her, until reaching Her stage of darkness, the New Moon/Dark Moon — which BINGO! when I learned that was the phase She was in when I could not see the Moon at all at night when the skies were clear and star-studded!  And then She’d start Her phase anew again, Waxing…..
I read lightly upon the stories and rituals of ‘Drawing Down the Moon’ — and even did a ritual, my very first one upon looking into Witchcraft, and drew the Essence of Her within me that night.  I had read that the Moon had many Mysteries about it and its workings on others.  Superstitions like that of on the Full Moon when Wolves could be heard howling at the Moon, and people would act strangely when the Moon was FullLike the silver aluminum foil that I had hidden the food in so my husband couldn’t tell what was inside of them, the silver Moon in and of itself, had Mysteries that is hidden that we cannot see.  That night of my Full Moon Ritual, I had received some Signs of its Hidden Mysteries.  The one being that a ‘Rune’ Symbol was shown to me in the sky during my meditation in the middle of my ritual, as I was gazing up at the Full Moon‘s beauty of the night!

That Rune symbol, I found out later which one of it, has meaning behind my life from its sign.  I haven’t dug deeper into learning more about it — but by its basic meaning, it is still showing me hidden signs and dreams and thoughts and emotions and the such on my Spiritual Path, in which are indeed more Mysteries of the unknown that are Hidden within.

Anyhow, back to grilling, my husband later was sitting with me outside patiently relaxing and waiting for dinner to get done.  I was daydreaming about the Touch the Moon course again when I suddenly looked up over our house’s roof at the trees in the background, and there hung the night’s Moon — and it was still daylight out, the Sun hadn’t even set yet!  My heart did silent flip-flops and I went to take a picture of the Moon (though I know my mobile would most likely not be able to capture it; it is there in the photo, but one cannot see it) and She told me immediately that, in connection with the E-course I’d soon be taking — She would have a lot to show and teach me, in guidance and creativity, along with the assignments Rachél would have for us ‘Moon Gazers’!

When I had first seen about the course, I wasn’t sure if I was being led to taking it or not — but that night I was outside grilling and seeing Her between the awesome leaves of the trees, I KNEW intuitively that I was about to do the right thing for me at this point on my Spiritual Path.

So not all things are seen in our lives, some are hidden like the Mysteries of the Moon, others are felt like the Intuition we feel within our hearts.  And me?  On Moon-Day (this Monday) — I’ll be amongst the Stars hanging like Silver in the Sky, as the Mysterious Hidden Moon Gazer…..)O(

~ Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo


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2 responses to “Day 9 ~ FINDING MORNING SUNSHINE: mOoN gAzInG

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  1. So excited to start our journey together!

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