Spending TIME Meeting Our Intentions and Important Things In Our Lives A Valuable Goal   2 comments

Spending TIME with the important things in our lives become very valuable to us when we actually get to the part of  ‘finding time’ in our daily lives to get things done and do things in!   There is so much we need to accomplish just in one day’s worth that we often go back to the phrase, “There’s never enough time in the day to get things done.”   There are so many things we ‘need’ to do and getting it done by the end of the day often makes it a challenge — and we find ourselves ‘committing’ to those things in order to get them accomplished.

Commitment to our families are very important, as well to others or animals that we must be there in taking care of during the day.  We have dogs and cats that need food and water, love and play, outdoor play and walks…..tending to cleaning up after them in helping keep the house clean (for those who know me well, this is certainly not my forte, but NEEDS to be done before the animals take over and we start sleeping in their fur!) and keeping them happy and paying attention to their needs that they cannot provide for themselves — though wouldn’t it be nice if we could put a duster on a happy wagging dog tail and they could go around making everything spiffy clean??!!!  *I think we’ve already domesticated them in the  dish-washing department, LOL, they clean the plates better than we ever could, hee hee!*

So cleaning is definitely an order in this house, it becomes a ‘must do’ project on the front line…..and what better time of the year to do it in, with Fall soon approaching and clean crisp air flowing through the house through open windows.  There’s so much to do in so little time, it seems, therefore it’s a good TIME in starting anew again, at the beginning, and committing to ‘making the time available’ — because it is an important factor and the responsibility of ‘finding the time’ needs must be met!

I must admit that yes, it IS hard finding time around my household to do the things that I want to get done.  Even if it’s taking 10-30- minutes away from the computer in starting a task — and committing in getting it done by the end of the day, working on it here-and-there so it doesn’t become overwhelming.  I love my time on the computer, but I also love keeping things up so that it doesn’t become cluttering.

Clutter.  Oooooohhhhh, that is what blocks me from freeing up my mind so that I can think more clearly about my intentions!  It’s a distraction at times, other times, it messes with me in knowing that I feel overwhelmed by too many things around me and makes me irritated that it’s not organized!

I am always organized everywhere but at home, and would like incorporating that into my daily needs of making time.  Maybe if I see it on a piece of paper in a list-fashion, I could be reminded of the things I want to accomplish and cross them off as they get done.  That’s where some fun comes in, and a dash of Creativity thrown in as well!  About a week or so ago, I was reading over at the site Daring to Live Fully and was led to an article called “56 Ideas For Your Fall Bucket List”.  It listed an array of ideas of things to do this Fall, fun things, that we’d like setting goals for doing to fulfill — but in order to get to those things, I figured, I must find time in getting other things done before.  Like if I added to the list that I’d love getting out to our one local Apple Orchard to buy a basket of apples to bake with, before that I’d need to clear the clutter once again from the kitchen counter for space to have the apples and cooking materials I need for making them with– I surely don’t want to be having less space filling it with new stuff, and no room to work in at!

After seeing the listing of some of the fun things I wanted to add to my ‘Bucket List’ as well — reality set in that making time would be a must, and I’d have to do a few things that I don’t like in order to get to the things I love doing!  And it comes down to if it’s something really important, making it a goal to Journey there should be part of the fun.  And after accomplishing those not-so-fun things, I’m the kind that likes a ‘reward’ of some kind, a little ‘happy party’ for myself in getting through it all in the end.  A reminder that I set a goal, went for it, got through it, and was a success.

Years back I had read about a Ritual in giving one’s Self after getting something done that we don’t like or have a hard time doing.  It was about lighting a brown or even orange candle and giving thanks to our Self for doing a job well done.  I decided that I’d light an ‘orange’ candle before the task, a colour that symbolizes ‘Energy’ for me, in setting forth the goal I wanted to do — and then afterwards, lighting myself a ‘brown’ candle in grounding myself and bringing me to my reward for the job getting done well, and it symbolized, I realized too, a reminder that looking at it throughout the day afterwards, that I am wonderful for being able to accomplish something I didn’t like doing; and it makes you feel good when looking at it, knowing you can do it if you put your will-power to it!

The first step in setting goals is clearing the space, getting rid of the clutter, finding the time — which determined is NOW — for taking a few minutes to ‘un-clutter’ and ‘clean/clear out’ the dust that holds an AltarI made for myself, so I have a place where I can set intentions and goals,

"The Making Space for Self Altar"

A sacred space for making goals, setting intentions, accomplishing them, and given a reward for a job WELL DONE!

and reward myself through them there.   I looked at a photo I’d taken of the small Sacred Space, and ironically noticed that I had been using my Sage Smudge to ‘cleanse the space and clear out any negativities’ in the area, and the space itself, was cluttered full and filled with old, unwanted dust bunnies, LOL!

Being that Fall is just around the corner and I’m taking a course called “Kick Ass Magickal Goddess” and a friend reminded us of having an Altar that is loved and tended for just like we want that for our own selves:  “Make it an extension of yourself, of Goddess. We have to start somewhere. Heck, even if it amounts to dusting (or walking by and blowing the dust off) do it with intention; the intention of beginning.”  So I am going to begin, myself indeed, in de-cluttering my Altar’s mess and making it beautiful once again.

So here’s the brief interview of what spending TIME with the important things in our lives become very valuable to us:

  • ~recognizing what our needs and wants are
  • ~making time to spend time
  • ~finding time in the NOW, even if it’s ten minutes to start with
  • ~making commitments in accomplishing goals set forth
  • ~clearing out and de-cluttering the messes, the blockages
  • ~lighting a candle of our intentions
  • ~going through the motions and actions to get things done
  • ~reward ourselves with a reminder that we did a good job well done
  • ~crossing off those fun things we’ve met after getting the unliked finished
  • ~knowing we did something for our Self and took the time to become more happier

What’s on your Bucket List this coming up Season?  Have FuN with it!!!

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds


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2 responses to “Spending TIME Meeting Our Intentions and Important Things In Our Lives A Valuable Goal

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  1. I enjoyed your blog! I really like the idea of lighting a candle in appreciation of myself when I get things done. I will have to incorporate that into my practice. :o)

    • Thank you for stopping by, Lisa xo! I do too. Some people reward themselves by buying something nice or that they need. Well our economy is scarce, and I find it much more ethnic as well as Spiritual in just lighting that candle that you can walk by and be reminded that the job is done and was performed well and accomplished! Yet the reward in-and-of-itself lies within our own hearts….xo.

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