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Shamanic Journaling Your ‘Self’ ~ Practices in Journeying: “Keeping A Shamanic Journal Of One’s Own”
–Shamanic Journal Books
"Indigenous Shamanic Winds' Musings on Shamanic Journaling"

“When one engraves upon Journaling — all the emotions and feelings and thoughts flow freely from one’s heart through their veins and into the pen on paper…..”

***NOTE AS OF SUNDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2012:  Looking back in TIME at some of my past written work on Journaling, I found this writing I’d composed years back, and realize today why it’s STILL important for me in keeping a hand-written Journal — I’d better get cracking again at my Creative Hand!!!***

Keeping A Shamanic Journal Of One’s Own

~By Indigenous Shamanic Winds © 2009

I have always love Creative Writing since my earlier days of childhood

when I used to keep a Diary of my many adventures, and one of my Third

and Fourth grade teachers that I had for both years was the one I give

credit to for enchanting us with writing our own books in class. She

opened my eyes even wider from a Diary to my own Story Writings, and

eventually it led me in my High School days to taking many classes in

English where in most we learned to keep a Journal — and extension of

earlier ‘Diary-Keepings’.

When I entered into the Pagan realm of my life, I knew that my writing

would take me somewhere that I had learned from the past. I have lots

of fond memories, and realized that I do often forget things that I

just did minutes ago or something that I forgot to take notes on from

an experience that I tried, are long lost if I didn’t keep track of

them right away!

In beginning of my Journeying in my Shamanistic practices, I found that

I really needed to begin writing things down on paper and keeping a

Journal of my experiences that I had and received from the Divine. It

helped me in viewing my senses and how my emotions and feeling

connected with me from the Divine to me, from me to writing it down on

paper, and from re-reading what I wrote later to connect the

reflections that I saw back with the Divine in my life both ‘within’

and ‘without’ me.

Creative Writing from the past now had led me to many openings of

different doors on my Path. After my Journeys, I have written and

composed: Poems, Rituals, and most importantly, Letters of

Communications with my Patron Celtic Goddess, Brigid, and also with my

Human Spirit Guide.

Through these Letters of Communications led me today to seeing that I

also evoke many feelings when I write responses to friends in my

different groups on the many sites that enhance my Witchcraft Spiritual


The past few days, I have been kind of out of it, not knowing exactly

where I have been — but felt I was in another realm of my

spirituality. Recently a friend that delves in the Angelic Path of

Witchcraft came back into my life — and I could not figure out for the

world why she had appeared. She had sent me a wonderful Poem (below)

and I was so in awe by it at first the other day that I did not know

how to respond — but could just ‘feel from within’ that it was a

message sent to me by someone other than herself:

Angels are the guardians of hope and wonder,

The Keepers of magic and dreams.

Angels watch over you wherever you go,

Keeping each day perfect

and promising a bright new tomorrow.

The motto of all angels is

“It is a wonderful life.”

Wherever there is love,

An angel is flying by.

Angels help you carry the ball,

carry a tune, carry your weight

and carry on!

Your guardian angel knows you inside

and out and loves you just the way you are.

Angels keep the world safe for hummingbirds

and butterflies and rainbows in spring.

Angels keep it simple and always travel light

Angels love whispering secrets

and whistling in the dark

Whenever you hear music,

an angel is speaking to you.

Remember to leave space in your relationships

so the angels have room to play

Your guardian angel helps you

find a place when you feel there is no place to go.

Keep a spare angel in your pocket

Angels carry high-beam lights

to help you through the darkest hours

Whenever you feel lonely,

a special angel drops in for tea.

Every time you hear a bell,

another angel has earned its wings

Angels are with you every step of the way

and help you soar with amazing grace.

After all, we are angels in training

We are always “angels on call” for a friend

All we have to do is spread our wings and fly…

The simple word “Hummingbird” in this poem struck me suddenly last

night when I was having a hard time getting to sleep. I tried finding

the connection in where this poem was trying to lead me, and

immediately thought of my deceased mother. She had always loved birds,

Hummingbirds being one of her favorite to watch, for when she was

alive, there were many of them that came and went during the Summer

days of our lives spent together in the woods I grew up in with her.

Immediate thoughts went from thinking of her being deceased to which

month we are in: December. The date: the 17th. Then, my mother’s Date

of Death: today.

No wonder I kept having such strong vibes from my Angelic friend, the

poem, the season we are now in, my mother had died exactly six years

ago today — and all along, she had been trying to commune with me in

talking with her! Bingo, I hit the head on the nail!

Okay, so this led me in a new Journey last night, when I couldn’t

sleep. I went in a meditational trance and my mother appeared and

talked with me last night. It is very rare that she does this since

she’s been gone, so this is why I came to writing why it is so

important to keep a Shaman Journal on one’s Journeys.

And this writing today here is part of my Journal on my Shaman Path and

Practices. They are sometimes long entries, this one below is a short

one — the response I wrote to my Angelic friend this morning in

remembrance of my mom and her death six years ago.

Indigenous Shamanic Winds’ Shaman Meditational Journal for Today

Thursday, 17 December 2009

I am just waking up here in Michigan, it is a bit overcast here,

but the Sun was shining when I first got up this morning. Yesterday

when I was reading that lovely poem that you sent me on my page, and I

was so in awe of it that I didn’t know how to respond — and it just

occurred to me a few minutes ago that six years ago today on this date,

my dear mom passed away of Ovarian Cancer.

When she was alive, she had always a heart of gold in her Catholic

practices and the love for God — but after one of my friends at the

age of eight had died in a hayride (she fell off and one of the wheels

ran over her heart), my mom had always told me that we all had Angels

looking over us, and that they were mostly little children, and that my

friend was my new Guardian Angel from Heaven.

Last night while I was laying in bed, I had a few moments to commune

with my mom; she doesn’t come around but very rarely, and sometimes

when I call to her she is not there — so I let her come to me when

most needed in my life, and she was with me last night. So when I found

the picture (below that I posted) just now, it reminded me that I have

my own Angel Spirit within me, and looking up at the clouds seeing the

Heavenly Realms of Castles, I can find my mom waiting to be called upon

when most needed for her nurturance and loving protection.

I hope that today brings you a very blessed one from the Angelic

Realms — and ALL that looks down upon you imbues you with their

Spiritual Love.

In hopes that one on their special and very own Shamanic Journeys, keep

a Sacred Journal on any and ALL of your own — may it help in

reflecting on the Divine Spirits you come in communications with

wherever you are on your own Path.

BLESSings of an Angel~

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

Written and Composed by:  Indigenous Shamanic Winds © 2009
Thursday, 17 December 2009

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