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Shami’s Musings

Monday, 07 October 2013
BLESSings of October — and how I love the Season of Fall!  And the perfect time of the year that I’ve noticed, in the MANY of the people I admire most, are opening up more (like that last Flower that blooms before the coldness hits and draws it back into the Roots in the Earth) and re-capping the Goals and Dreams and Achievements they’ve met over the past year, before tucking them safely away in their memory — and some have already done so and are already bundling up using their ‘Harvests’, setting their Seeds and Words of Wisdom aside to tucker into the upcoming days of colder weather in preparation to Hibernate and Dream of the New Seeds they shall plant for the following year.

And here I am, this new ‘Authentic Soul of My Self’Layering myself in Warmth from all around me, sharing Soulful Musings of things I love that I still want to accomplish, but haven’t (while trying not to drink myself dry from what I didn’t do!) expressing myself through Words and Photos from the Nature of the Land around me that continues to inspire my future Hopes and Dreams, sat back watching Coaches and Artists and Journalists and Herbalists ‘sparkle and Shine’ through their own unique ‘Selves’ when sharing with others!

I admire so many ‘Values’ of others, each in different ways, and it’s time for myself in seeking what values in my own life hold true for me.  It’s time I start moving ‘Inwards’ to dig that hole, Plant those Seeds of Love and Nourish them — even throughout the ‘Darkest’ of the Season, and WAIT.


And ‘Emerge’.


HugZ&LovE xo,   )O( Shami


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Shami’s Musings

Sunday, 29 September 2013
BLESSings, and OHHHhh … how I love “Prompts’!  I am really excited that I’m getting back to my writing once again (though fighting early-Arthritis in my hands, so I get disappointed at times when I start to use pen-to-paper and my hands get numb and begin hurting like mad, and can only sit and write a few lines anymore — if that!) — and not to mention, I am inspired by others’ prompts that get me going, and often later come up with my own when I don’t even know about it!

Over this past year, I’ve been surfacing many ‘Values’ of mine that have come through from reading others’ articles, watching and observing certain people and what uses of their continued ‘Buzz-Words’ show up in their words over a month’s time, and I carefully pick out friends whom I connect with ‘Physically’ in life by their actions, reactions, and how they speak to others — not only by ‘what’ they say, but ‘how they say it’.

Like I mentioned that my own Values have been surfacing, I’ve recognized, acknowledged, and cherished them in keeping me to move forward on my Journey — but really have not sat down with them, listen to them, meditate on what my Values are wanting to share more with me.

So like Heather quoted  on “Values”:

“While this may seem like a simple action, we are often not really aware of our values…..”

Aware, yes somewhat — but not ‘Completely’.

“…It’s one of those simple, but powerful exercises!”

I’ve always believed that the most simplest of things ending up turning into the most powerful of experiences — at least from what I’ve observed on my Spiritual Path for many of years now — and although ‘Simple’, many times the most ‘Challenging’ and ‘Frustrating’ ones I’ve encountered!

“The truth is we are guiding our life by some set of values, but the question is, are they values you are fully aware of and have mindfully chosen for yourself?”

Fully aware?  Yes, of both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Values.  Have mindfully chosen for my Self?  *Ponders*  Have to Dig Deeper in that one.

Today, instead of 3-5 people I really admire, I’m going to begin — in the general ‘Community’ of a certain Group of people, Herbalists — and start with one word that comes to mind describing what I admire most in them on their own unique Paths and Journeys.


Until next time, HugZ&LovE xo,
     ~ Shami

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Fri-Dayz in Transition ~ FINDING MORNING SUNSHINE: Meditate … Embrace … Let Go   1 comment

Today, I am going to work on:  MEDITATE … EMBRACE … and just LET GO.

This is my ‘Affirmation’ today — and I AM GOING TO STICK WITH IT…..

It’s not everyday that I can just sit down and focus on Meditating. At times, I can push all thoughts out of my mind and it’s as if there is nothing but me in the world; other times, there’s just so much going on around me that no matter what I do or how hard I try, I cannot let go of those thoughts floating around chaotically in my mind.

So tonight, I put myself on a ‘new page’ on my computer, and Googled “creative soul empowerment journey meditation” and found this article below. Instead of scrolling through the article, like I do at times when I know I’ve found something of interest and like it immediately without reading in its entirety, and actually ‘slowed’ my reading down to a ‘meditative-state-of-mind’ and read each word from beginning to end.

Glancing back upwards through Erin’s article (at, a descriptive phrase of what Meditation is caught my eye:

“Meditation is a practice in which you embrace the world around you and learn to let go of your attachment to your surroundings.”

Meditation is about Embracing and Letting Go ...

Meditation is about Embracing and Letting Go …

… embrace the world …
let go of your attachment …’

A lovely little Mantra to place in the Creative Space for Meditating.

I shall remember this.

BLESSings xo,
)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

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Wednes-Dayz In Transition ~ FINDING MORNING SUNSHINE: You Light Up My Life…Welcome Home, MOM   Leave a comment

You Light Up My Life ~WELCOME HOME, MOM.

Our pup Bella loves being out back on her chain before I take her for her daily morning walk.  I can’t deny her for wanting to sit out there this morning!  The day has started off lush already, warm morning sunshine, a cool breeze, birds singing, it’s all peaceful around the house here.

She was begging at the door to go out a second time after receiving a treat for coming in prior.  I glanced at the clock on my phone and it said 10:17 (AM):  the date of my birth.  October 17th.  A special day in my deceased Mom’s eye for decorating the house for me with balloons and streamers, and making her own special Birthday Cake for me.  A time for my Re-Birth and I made it through to being one-year older.

Anyhow, before I slid the glass door open to hook Bella up on her chain, I nearly swallowed my heart with happiness as I noticed a little light brown Bird flitting its way into one of the Birdhouses we have in the backyard where I had planted below it my Meadow Sage last year.  I hooked Bella up and waited patiently for the bird to re-emerge from the little hole, and …..

You Light Up My Life


Popping its head out, swinging it left-to-right to left again, it took off flying towards the woods — and stepping out onto the concrete step, I waited once again for it to come back to get a better look at what kind of bird it was.

Though ‘Intuitively’, I already knew — and I was right.  The female Wren, possibly the North Carolina Wren, came back with some nesting materials in her beak.  Tears sprung to my eyes as I thought of my Mom, it was amongst one of her favorite birds to watch in the Month of May when they (along with the male Singing Wren) migrated back to our woods, and would build their nests close to the house.

I have always connected in Spirit the Wren and my Mom after her death to Ovarian Cancer.  And now, once again, the Wren is back, and so is my Mom.  She is building her nest in the ‘West Wing’ of the two Birdhouses on the Pole.

My Mom has come back Home.  And once again …

so have i.

BLESSings xo,
)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

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Mon-Dayz In Transition ~ FINDING MORNING SUNSHINE: That Tugging Beckoning Call   Leave a comment

After the frustrations of abruptly awakening by the beckoning of our pups jumping all over me with enthusiasm and excitement this bright and cold Monday morning — before I could even open the door to let them out back to do their ‘business’, the calling of the bright Sunshine hit my face as I peered out upon the back yard, and felt a ‘tugging’ emotion calling to me in the cold winds.  974165_123600254505581_657154876_n

There was something about the light hitting the leaves on an unidentified Tree and the furling of the unseen Winds casting lights and shadows upon its leaves as they swayed to-and-fro, reminding me that Nature always has something ‘Mysterious’ in sharing and that I should get dressed quickly and get outside today.

I’m feeling a little guilty as of now, putting aside going out there, and I don’t know why.  Though I know I should not feel any guilt-stricken feelings, I’m just going with the flow, whatever happens happens, yet that nagging feeling is overwhelming me to a point of tugging me with its beckoning call to JUST DO IT and get outside.


So I’m going.  Getting dressed first.  Taking a bag or basket with me.  A pair of hand-clippers.  Some garden gloves.

An open-mind in which remembers not to seek, but listen as Nature calls to me in the moment I step outside.

It’s hard to ignore those beckoning calls when you want to know more, but don’t get that experience until you do it.

There’s something in the Winds that I am supposed to ‘feel’ today.  Or maybe not. 

So I am going outside to find out.


BLESSings xo,
)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

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Sun-Dayz In Transition ~ FINDING MORNING SUNSHINE: Keep the Candle Burning After One Year…   Leave a comment

HAPPY 1st YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to my Husband, Dan, this morning!!!  Amazing, isn’t it, in this world today — that we are still keeping the candle burning after one year of marriage today??!!!

“May we continue down our Path together in Love, Laughter, and Light, 


(Photo taken by )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds, Sunday, 28 April, 2013, on 1st Year Wedding Anniversary)
remembering what we’ve done and accomplished over this past year of Marriage —
and setting our feet firmly on the ground to walk side-by-side as we
continue weaving through the fun and complications and joys and struggles of life.

“If we hold one another’s hand along the way, moving through life’s various
challenges and continue doing our best in getting things done as best as we can now —
we shall look back on these days in our future and know that we worked together
in doing what we had to and could do to meet our goals and dreams …..

“And see that the reality of it all is always here within our reach to grasp firmly, holding on to our Selves and each Other … all we have to know is what’s in our very hearts that we share as we walk down that Path with one another … side-by-side … not letting go …
knowing there are many more Journeys along the way we shall travel with each other.”

I ♥ You. With all my Heart, Body, Mind, & Soul.
Forever Infinite xxoo,
Your Wife

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

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Full Moon Dreamboards with Jamie Ridler   2 comments

The Full Moon here in our Woods caught me by surprise once again — I had lost track of what ‘Phase’ the Moon was in, and WOW, when I first saw Her sitting up in the sky last night, I thought, “It must be a Full Moon”.  And here I am tonight, always behind a step, but remembering always what is important in my life.  And playing along with the others at Jamie Ridler’s Full Moon Dreamboards!

“What dreams is it time to tend?” is the theme this evening.  OOOOOOOOoooooh, there are SOOOOO many!  And it feels, at times, that I am still in my Bear Cave, Dreaming of what is yet to come.  Well, like those pretty flowers getting ready to bloom here soon (we’re a little behind on Spring, which makes me feel like we’re just getting over Winter still), I, too, shall awaken from my Dreams and open them up and blossom!

Dreams, in my mind, tend to be made real BIG — which, of course, if you stick with them, eventually they will manifest and become big — so I’ve made it a point to listen to my Dreams that rattle around in my mind, and focus on them as ‘Prayers/Offerings’, letting the Universe know what I would like in accomplishing, and gently and patiently letting them go, day-by-day, doing what I can with what I have, and allowing whatever happens happen.

I’ve begun cleaning and clearing my ‘working room’ out:  swept, cleared the cobwebs, mopped the floor, and started setting it up.  For what?

This is not what it's going to look like, but I'm bringing things in to my Sacred Space Sanctuary a little at a time and getting it organized.

This is not what it’s going to look like, but I’m bringing things in to my Sacred Space Sanctuary a little at a time and getting it organized.

You may ask.  As I grew up, the room had been my Bedroom — a place where I had privacy to relax, read, write, sleep, performing personal Rituals with Candles and Incense Lit for ambience, a place where nobody could tell me what to do or when I had to do it.  I could listen to my music and cuddle with my animals and watch out the window and listen to Nature and all what it had to share with me.

And here I am again, back in my working room, Creating Sacred Space, my own Sanctuary, a place to work on my Herbs or Art Journaling, a storage for my Jars and Essential Oils, with each little trinket I had gathered over the years, each with their own story behind them, each sacred to me — even if it’s just a little stone I found outside!

So since the Spring Equinox, I’ve been tending to this Sacred Sanctuary of mine — and although there is still a lot more to do … I AM Tending to Future Dreams by bringing everything I need in there, even that little stone, that I will use in preparing prayers and offerings for everything I am grateful for in my life that keeps me reaching for the stars and making my Dreams a REALITY.

BLESSings xo,
)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

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